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Let your body talk

Not letting your body talk is the same as not letting yourself breathe. Listen to what it has to tell you or has been always telling you. Cut yourself some slack. We cannot always be running around doing many things at once. As a matter of fact, if you’re doing that you might as well do nothing because that’s only going to create a jumble of mess. No productivity is made from doing many things at once. Trust me, as a highly anxious person, I know for a fact that it feels terrible to be thinking about millions of things while trying to focus on one task. Be patient with yourself. You’d end up feeling guilty and disappointed about how you rushed things through to only get them done, but then the results are horrendous. To avoid situations like this, you need to let your body talk to you. Your body will always be wiser than your mind. WHY?

Think about it in this way: You are stressing over this one important assignment and you can’t stop stressing out on it. Okay, that’s normal to react that way. However, there is a limit that you need to realize that your body should not go over. Your body begins to send out signals by making you feel way too overwhelmed. Even though you feel all these negative signs, you still push yourself further to complete this one assignment. Your body is CLEARLY alerting you that you’re on the verge of having a mental breakdown. Yet, you refuse to let your body speak. This then leads you to complete the assignment poorly because you only rushed through it and couldn’t think straight. That’s unwise.

Instead, you need to get used to understanding that your body needs to breathe. YOU need to breathe. And by breathing, I mean that we need to give ourselves a break at one point. Not even a robot can function forever and we are not even a bit close to being like robots or machines.

There’s a great difference between feeling a good amount of stress vs. feeling immense stress. How do you tell this difference? Well, you’d just know it to begin with. At the same time, your body will send out alarms to give you the message that it’s time to take a break. Taking a break won’t literally BREAK your life apart. Quite the opposite, it is a necessity in order for you to have a healthier lifestyle.

Working hard is great and all, but working yourself to DEATH and calling that a virtue is insanely unwise. Very foolish to think of it that way.

Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. You’re only making matters worse by shunning it out from communicating with you. The body is so wise, whereas the mind is usually out of control with so many thoughts. But you can try to “fix” that by listening more actively to your body and let your mind align the endless thoughts.


Hi! My name is Isabelle Kim. I am here to share with people about myself and my newfound passion for writing. Though, I will stumble across tons of grammatical mistakes and you’ll be noticing them too. Writing is something fun and is an expressive tool for me and I’m sure most of you can understand this. I hope to learn more about you all and for you to learn all the quirks about me🤗

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