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my quarantine life inside a tent

paranormal experience

I don’t exactly know how to explain this, but it felt really scary for sure. I was with my dog again on the rooftop inside the tent. My dog, Choco, does not bark often. When she does bark, it’s mainly because of food or seeing something/someone she sees as dangerous. It was around 8:30 pm and was dark enough for you to need a flashlight to see where you are walking. I had my laptop and phone inside the tent. Everything was going well and nothing strange was happening nor did I feel anything.

I was singing. haha. But I just started to feel a bit weird in my stomach and suddenly my dog started to sit closer to me. She does this whenever she is scared of something. She turned around and her ears perked up and started to bark nonstop. I was absolutely terrified. I was telling myself that it’s just her seeing Idek a squirrel or bird? But how can you see that from inside the tent? You can’t. And then, I felt like someone was watching me. I’ve always felt that somebody was watching me. For those of you who are spiritual, you might understand what I am talking about. It’s that gut-feeling that something is there near me. No neighbor was on my rooftop or even close to being near it. There was no way that someone was on my rooftop unless they climbed up from the ground. I don’t know if I was seeing something else, but I saw this faint shadow pass by on the left side of the tent. Oh dear, I was so terrified. I was mentally getting ready to scream. I also heard VERY VERY VERY faint whispers behind me. I tried so hard to think that those whispers were coming from the wind brushing against my tent outside, but my gut was telling me to get the HELLLLL out of there.

I really was terrified. I did not want to move at all and called my mom to come upstairs fast. I was so determined that someone was on the rooftop with me. When my mom and older sister came upstairs, they were annoyed that I brought them up since there was nobody on the rooftop. They thought I was just making it all up. They still don’t believe me. Oh well, at least I am safe now.



Hi! My name is Isabelle Kim. I am here to share with people about myself and my newfound passion for writing. Though, I will stumble across tons of grammatical mistakes and you’ll be noticing them too. Writing is something fun and is an expressive tool for me and I’m sure most of you can understand this. I hope to learn more about you all and for you to learn all the quirks about me🤗

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