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You don’t have to be in a relationship

I realized how much people want to desperately be in a relationship. To have a boo/bae/babe. Stop all that desperation. Your mindset is all over the place if you are thinking like that. You aren’t lonely. You have yourself already. Having a relationship is the LAST thing you need at the moment if you have that mentality of wanting someone by your side at all times.

Instead, what you truly need is self-love. You don’t recognize yourself as a strong and independent person if you are searching endlessly for another.

Without self-love, your relationship with anybody won’t be great. I hate to break it to you. This is not me being pessimistic, but actually giving you a more logical and necessary advice to improve your life.

Stop thinking that you need someone in your life to make you happy. Stop depending on others for your happiness. They can make you happy, but it won’t last long if you are not satisfied about yourself. You first need to understand who you are and literally BE that person.

When you are in a relationship, you will feel pressured to act in ways to satisfy the other and that’ll definitely lead to your sadness and even deeper desperation to find love. You won’t find the right person if you are not loving yourself and you’ll find yourself in a frustrating cycle of trying to repeatedly satisfy the other by being someone else.

You do NOT need to be in a relationship. Not right now. Not anytime soon. Don’t hurry yourself. It’ll come to you all naturally once you are ready. And you will know that you are ready when you love yourself.

You come first before anything. Don’t listen to your parents telling you to marry or be with this person or that. They don’t rule you.


Hi! My name is Isabelle Kim. I am here to share with people about myself and my newfound passion for writing. Though, I will stumble across tons of grammatical mistakes and you’ll be noticing them too. Writing is something fun and is an expressive tool for me and I’m sure most of you can understand this. I hope to learn more about you all and for you to learn all the quirks about me🤗

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