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Releasing your emotions

We are always told to repress our emotions. All the time!!! Isn’t it annoying as heck? And then, we are also told that we are overreacting when we finally let go of all those repressed emotions. Well, what do you expect us to do when we have been constantly told to hold back.

It is unhealthy to keep holding back those emotions. Those emotions are all real and yearns to be let out. Eventually, this repression will lead to a meltdown and emotional exhaustion. You’ll end up feeling confused because you have a pile of different emotions stuck inside your mind. Then suddenly, you burst like a firecracker. BAM! You’ll be shocked by how much you have been stacking inside your mind.

And what else will you feel if you don’t let these out at one point? Oh yeah – guilt. You’re going to feel so guilty for having those emotions to begin with because you’ll find yourself behaving in ways that you know is not yourself. That is a terrible thing to feel and hard to recover from since it’s confusing to discern whether these emotions are coming from your evil nature or from the prolonged repression.

Now, don’t go around and start yelling at people who make you feel angry or upset or any negative emotions. Bit by bit, you must understand where and how to let out those emotions. It doesn’t matter if they are negative or positive ones. They both matter because all of your emotions exist. You exist. Why should you have to hold back something that is real and important? If your emotions are held back all the time, then you are not living the best life that you are definitely capable of having.

Let them out! Do it ASAP before your mental health starts to tumble down the hill. There are so many ways that you can let them out.

Don’t feel bad that you feel jealous about your friend’s dress or job promotion. It is fine and completely normal to feel that way. My point is that you will only feel worse later when those repressed emotions, such as bitterness and jealousy, come bursting through. You will regret what you said to your boss because you had enough.

Everybody needs a balanced life. Maintaining a balanced life is all part of self-care. Certainly, this is easier said than done. You might feel the urgency to grab your coworker by the throat at times (please don’t do that). However, releasing some of those negativities in whatever ways possible will ease down those intense emotions.

We need to acknowledge that these emotions do exist and are important because YOU are a human and feeling emotions is all natural. Soon enough, you will learn how to live a better life where you’d feel lighter. All that emotional baggage would be off your mind. In that way, your psychological resilience will inevitably increase.

For all the ladies reading this, don’t feel the need to act lady-like because you know that is bullshit. No one should govern the way you behave. Seriously, embrace them. Be furious. Be odd. Be the person that you really are and not what society wants you to be.

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It’s okay to be sensitive

Being sensitive brings you power

I’ve always been told that I was too sensitive all my life. This includes other labels, such as being the crybaby. I absolutely hated being called sensitive for years. I began to notice that I was constantly told to “toughen up” because the world is not bright. The world is scary. I know. Who wouldn’t? At one point, I gave into this socially more accepting trait of being “aggressive”. Especially in my family, being tough and having less empathy was valued. Still is. It aggravates me so much.

It doesn’t make sense to me still how some people can be extremely rude and not feel that guilty about it. I’m not a saint, though I never try to hurt anybody’s feelings. I couldn’t even slap a plant when I was younger because I was afraid that plants had feelings too.

Until this year, I learned the true qualities of being kind and sensitive. It’s a strength that I am proud of. I would not have thought of this day coming when I finally accept my true self. I am done fighting to put up these fences. I want to be free and open-hearted. Putting up those fences for years and years exhausted me to the point where I had a nervous breakdown. I blamed it on others. I kept trying to convince myself that it was their fault for my bitter life.

That’s not true. You can’t blame anybody else for your own unhappiness. I’m in control of who I am and I have the ability to change myself whenever I want.

I decided to take that U-turn and start being myself again. I stopped being all smiley and bubbly to only satisfy people for approval. It was all out of fear of abandonment. I’m never going to be alone and it took me this long to make me realize this inner strength I have been carrying. I don’t care that it took me this long, though the pain was excruciating throughout those years. All I care about is that I am myself now. I am sensitive.

I can proudly scream that I am sensitive and feel no shame. Accepting myself washed away my sins of not being myself. I almost feel sad and confused that I’ve been frantic about searching myself when it was there all along. Right inside me. I had my mind and body turned away from myself the entire time. That’s why I felt so lonely all my life. Not because nobody seemed to understand me. I couldn’t understand myself, so of course no one else would be able to.

My message to whoever is reading this Whether you’re sensitive or not, it’s okay to be who you are. Being somebody else is not going to give you the pleasures that you want. All those pleasures come within your self-acceptance.

If you are not the person that you really are, then you can’t feel content or satisfied in your life. Take off that mask you’re wearing and embrace your freedom. It’s not a scary thing at all. It should be empowering.

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You don’t have to be in a relationship

I realized how much people want to desperately be in a relationship. To have a boo/bae/babe. Stop all that desperation. Your mindset is all over the place if you are thinking like that. You aren’t lonely. You have yourself already. Having a relationship is the LAST thing you need at the moment if you have that mentality of wanting someone by your side at all times.

Instead, what you truly need is self-love. You don’t recognize yourself as a strong and independent person if you are searching endlessly for another.

Without self-love, your relationship with anybody won’t be great. I hate to break it to you. This is not me being pessimistic, but actually giving you a more logical and necessary advice to improve your life.

Stop thinking that you need someone in your life to make you happy. Stop depending on others for your happiness. They can make you happy, but it won’t last long if you are not satisfied about yourself. You first need to understand who you are and literally BE that person.

When you are in a relationship, you will feel pressured to act in ways to satisfy the other and that’ll definitely lead to your sadness and even deeper desperation to find love. You won’t find the right person if you are not loving yourself and you’ll find yourself in a frustrating cycle of trying to repeatedly satisfy the other by being someone else.

You do NOT need to be in a relationship. Not right now. Not anytime soon. Don’t hurry yourself. It’ll come to you all naturally once you are ready. And you will know that you are ready when you love yourself.

You come first before anything. Don’t listen to your parents telling you to marry or be with this person or that. They don’t rule you.